• Sleep Diagnosis

    Sleep Diagnostic Centers

    We exist to support physicians and patients in evaluation and treatment of sleep disorders.
    Our sleep diagnostic centers are located in the greater Dallas Texas area including Dallas, Corinth, and McKinney.


  • Sleep Disorder Facts

    Get the facts about sleep disorders

    Sleep disorders are a relatively silent epidemic affecting countless people around the world. Men, women and children – no group is spared.

    Sleep Facts

  • Diagnostic Sleep School

    Dallas TX Sleep Tech Training

    First Sleep School prepares individuals for entry-level jobs as a polysomnographic technician assisting diagnosis of sleep disorders.

    Course Description

  • Welcome to First Sleep Center Dallas Tx

    Diagnosis and Treatment of Sleep Disorders

    It is our desire to build strategic alliances with medical professionals within our communities. Our goal is to further illuminate the significant impact that sleep disorders can have on our overall health and expeditiously assist in the diagnosis and treatment plans, if necessary, for those suffering from sleep disorders.

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  • Patient Forms & FAQs

    Patient Forms and FAQs

    Online access to the forms you need. Simply download the document you want, fill in and bring it with you on your next visit.

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  • Sleep Diagnostic Services

    Sleep Diagnostic Services Dallas TX

    We offer a range of services aimed at supporting physicians in the evaluation and treatment of sleep disorders. We offer diagnostic and therapeutic sleep studies to patients within our communities that are suspected to have or are known to have a sleep disorder.

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