First Sleep Purpose

We exist to support physicians in the evaluation and treatment of sleep disorders by offering diagnostic and therapeutic sleep studies to patients within our communities that are suspected to have or are known to have a sleep disorder as we believe that better sleep promotes better health, which, in turn, can afford us the opportunity to live out the life that we were created to live.


It is our desire to build strategic relationships with medical professionals within our communities. Our goal is to further illuminate the significant impact that sleep disorders can have on our overall health and expeditiously assist in the diagnosis and treatment plans, if necessary, for those suffering from sleep disorders.


Joy. Diligence. Compassion.

Think About It

A boy came to his father and told him that he has to collect some butterflies and moths for a science project. He looked to his father and asked him for advice in finding them since he was not sure where to start. His father thought for a moment and directed his son to try several places around the yard and neighborhood. After a few days, the boy returned to his father to happily report that he had found all the butterflies he needed but was discouraged because he had not found any moths yet. His father thought for a few minutes and instructed him to go back to those same places but this time look for them at night. A few days later the boy returned with his complete collection of butterflies and moths and was thankful for his father’s advice.