Sleep Study Process

What to Generally Expect

Once your physician determined the need for a sleep study, a referral or “order” was sent to us requesting that we contact you to schedule and perform an overnight diagnostic sleep study, technically called a Polysomnogram (PSG), which will require you to stay overnight in the sleep center.

A member of the coordination team will take the referral from your doctor and start to build your electronic medical record, verify the details of your insurance benefits and out of pocket expenses, if any, and then contact you to schedule the appropriate sleep study.

If the referring physician or you provided insurance coverage information requesting us to file on your behalf for the study, it will usually be filed within a few days after the study. Since there are so many different insurance companies and plans, we may not always be listed as an “in network” provider with your specific plan so will file the claim as an “out of network” provider but as a courtesy you will only be asked to pay based on your “in network” benefits so that it costs you the same as going to a listed “in network” provider. Please refer to the FAQ about Insurance Coverage for Sleep Studies handout for more information about how insurance processing when you have no out of network benefits or no insurance at all. A few weeks after the study, you should receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) letter from your insurance company that will outline the claim details. The EOB is not an invoice and may not reflect what you actually owe since it includes the disallowed amount in patient’s portion. Once we receive the EOB and applicable payment, if any, we will make the appropriate postings to your account and send you an invoice. Again, you will only be expected to pay those portions within your “in network” benefits.

A sleep technologist will be schedule to meet you at the sleep center the night of your study and will orient you to your private room. Your room will look and feel much like your bedroom at home. There will be a comfortable full or queen size bed for you to sleep in. There will also be a TV for your enjoyment in the event that you need it during the hook up or to help you fall asleep. The sleep technologist will stay with you all night and will hook up several electrodes that are strategically placed over your entire body. Those electrodes will produce waveforms of your wake/sleep activities during the night that the sleep technologist will monitor and document for the physician. Please note that the sleep technologist is coming in to meet you so it is very important that you keep your appointment. If you do not show up for your appointment or fail to reschedule/cancel your appointment by 4pm the day of your appointment, may result in a cancellation fee of $50 or no show fee of $150 to cover a portion of the cost of the sleep technologist and/or facility fees.

Once the study in complete, it will take approximately 3-5 days to have the study scored and reviewed by the reading physician, most likely a sleep specialist, if not performed by your own referring physician. Once the results have been reported, a copy of the report will be sent to your referring physician. Your referring physician’s office or a representative from the sleep center will likely call you with the results and recommendations noted by the reading physician.

If you presented obstructive sleep apnea or central sleep apnea, you will likely be recommended for another sleep study, which will be a similar study but this time a device called CPAP or BiPAP to support your specific type of sleep disordered breathing will be use to determine optimal pressure settings to use at home. That study will also be scored and reported in about 3-5 days and delivered back to your referring physician. If recommended by the reading physician, the results will also be sent to a Durable Medical Equipment company most compatible with your insurance benefits, if applicable, to get you set up for the PAP machine to use at home with the optimal pressure setting determined during the second study.

If you have any additional questions please give our office a call at 866.790.2813. If you need after hours direction assistance the night of your study, call the number listed on the after-hours voice message